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Albania Tirana Bar, Hashash Çokollate 0,05$ illegal
Argentinia Buenos Aires Porro, Faso, Cuete, Cohete, Churro, Mota, Pixon, Caño, Joint Roca, Piedra, Ladrillo 0,50 € ($AR 2)
illegal 'Here everything is handled with briberies, if you pay the bribery to the policeman that stops you you do not go to cage, sometimes, hehe. Its use is illegal, purchase is illegal, culture is illegal if it is carried out in much amount.'
Australia Brisbane weed, pot, ppg, cones hash 15 € illegal
Brisbane Weed, bud, gear, chronic, smuss, mull, grass, chunks, gunja hash, brown, shit 15 € illegal
Brisbane budz black death 12€(20AUD) illegal
Canbarra weed, pot, buds, ganja, mull hash, resin 12€ (20AUD) illegal, 'It's decriminalized in ACT but still illegal. A warning may apply but serious offences attract fines or gaol sentences.'
Central Coast bud, mull, chronic, smoko hash 12€ (20AUD) illegal
Penrith / Sydney weed, pot, chronic, The green, Good Shit, Refeer, Marijuaha Hash, Hasish 12€ (20AUD) illegal
New South Wales Buds Hash 9€ (15AUD) illegal
QLT smoke, bongs, weed,herb - 10 $ illegal
Sidney Ricky Jay - 12€ (20AUD) illegal
South Australia weed, spliff, dope, daka, mual, grass, ganja, hash, skunk, ancient chinese herbal medican bong, billy, buckety, gravo, pipe 8$ illegal
South Australia Dope - - illegal
- grass yandi 20 $ illegal
- Weed, Brew, Sesh, Fagawoti, Dope Hash, Poo, Piece 12 € (20AUD) illegal
Austria Kärnten Weed, Gras Dope, schoko 7€ illegal
lower Austria weed, ganja, grünes, grass, wiesn, "blumiges" dope, piece, brocken, braunes, hash, platte 10 € illegal
lower Austria weed, gros, essenz zeig, zeuch, a guads shit, hash bresl, schoki, dope 8 € illegal
Styria ganja, grünes, weed shit, hash 8,50€ illegal
Styria Gras, hierba Dope 10 € illegal
Salzburg Weed, Gras Dope, shit 10 € illegal
Salzburg Ganja Bräsl, Brösel 10 € illegal
Salzburg Wiesn, Grünes Kit, Kiddi 8,50 € illegal
Vienna Grünes Shit 5€ illegal
Vienna Gras,Grünes shit,Dope,Brauner - illegal
Vienna Ganja, Gras Dope 10€ illegal
Vienna Gras Dope 8,50 € illegal
Vienna Ganja, Weed Dope, Haschisch 7 € illegal
Vienna gras, grünes, weed, ganja, kaya shit, dope, braunes 6,50 € illegal
Vienna Gras, Weed, Kif, Ganja, Chillerei, Gruenzeug hash, hashish, braunes, shit, dope, Platte 8 € illegal
Vorarlberg Gras, Gräs, Grünes Shit, Braunes 7,50 € illegal
Vorarlberg Ganja Hash 5 € illegal
Bahamas New Providence Blunt, Spliff, Joint, Food - 5$ illegal
New Providence Grade, herb, Sesh - 5$ illegal
Belarus Minsk шмаль shalobas seno zelenka skanina skuns illegal
Minsk (2) травняк(travniak), ганджубас(ganjubas), шала(shala), шмаль, шалабас, зелёнка плюшка, сканер 12,50 $ illegal
Belgium Antwerpen weed, smoor, paf hasj, shit - illegal
Antwerpen pot, reefer, kief, ket, blow, stickie shit, hash, shijt - illegal
deutschsprachiger Teil dope, weed, gras, ganja shit 5 € illegal
Limburg weed, pot, groen, groente, kattekruid shit, stront, blokske, bruine 5 € illegal
Region zwischen Eupen- St-Vith- Stavelot Grass,Weed, Ganja Shit, rarely : Haschisch, Hasch, Dope 5€ illegal
Sintniklaas weed schit 10€ illegal
West-Fanders sensi, wulle, smoringe - 5 € illegal
Bolivia La Paz quezo poro 3$ illegal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo vutra, trava shit 5€ (10BAM) illegal
Brazil - maconha, erva, ganja, bagulho - 0,50 € (2R) illegal
Florianopolis Maconha, erva, tchequelerats, chambraile bagulho, relva, baura 0,25 € (1R) illegal
Minas Gerias Maconha, bagulho, cove, becky, parada, brenfa, banza - 0,25 € (1R) illegal
Rio de Janeiro maconha muca 0,50 € (2R) illegal, 'its illegal... but you can buy it at some places at the "favelas", called "boca de fumo".
its not so difficulty to find it.'
Sao Paulo Machona, Erva, Banza - 0,25 € (1R) illegal
Sao Paulo Maconha Verdusco 0,75 € (3R) illegal, now it is quite hard to get this type of weed due to the new governor in this state
South East Maconha - 0,25 € (1R) legal (?)
Bulgaria Plovdiv mahor,trevoliak,ako,koz,makina - 0,50 € illegal
Plovdiv posta, fyshnia fishek, masyr 1 € illegal
Plovdiv treva[grass], makina, posta, ganja, joint - - illegal
Varna mara, koz, trev, posta, matrak, material masur, bibish, buhalka 0,50 € illegal
Varna koz lipito 2 € illegal
Canada - Weed, Pot, Mary Jane, Doobies, Healers, Herbs, Grass, Dope Hash, Cheese, Black 10$ illegal
Alberta Chron, Nugz, Chronic, Weed, Doobage Bong, Pipe 8,50$ illegal
British Columbia weed, tokes, herb,grass, hydro, endo, pot, dope, green hashis, brownies, oil 10$ illegal
British Columbia trees,cheeba, bubonic, chronic stash grass smoke spliff dank crunk skunk - 10$ illegal
British Columbia Bud, weed, marijuana, chronic, chron, mary jane - 10 $ illegal
Calgary Weed, Marijuana, Ganja, Green, Sweet Leaf - 10 $ illegal
Newfoundland Weed, Weeds, MaryJane, Dope, Bud - 15$ illegal
Nova Scotia weed, pot, green, puffs, smoke, ganja, herb, dope, doobies hash, chocolate,kife, sheesh 10$ illegal
Nova Scotia Weed, Dope, Marijuana, Chronic, Maryjane, Dro hash, fudge $12
legal 'if you have a medical card'
Langley Hydro, Bud, Chronic, Smoke BubbleHash, Black Hash $10 illegal, 'Laws are very good as we have cafe's where u can smoke and u can walk down the road smoking a joint and not be bothered and there r many pot rallies and lots of chronic users even though it is still illegal'
Ontario ganja, dope, grass, Reefer, pot, weed, Cheeb, Cheeba,Chronic, bud
- 10$ Pretty much illegal but it is decriminlized and you only get in major shit if you have alot on you
Ontario dope, trees, herb,bud, green, buddly, skunk, chron, chronic, buddah, haze, smoke, pot, stuff deego 10$ illegal
Ontario pot greens hash 10 $ illegal
Ontario weed, splif, Marih, Bloody Marih bong 10 $ illegal
Ontario weeze, weed, cash, chops, toke, smoke pipes, bongs 10$ illegal
Ontario chronic, pot g 10$ illegal
Ontario trees - 10$ illegal
Quebec pelouze monaie 10$ illegal
Quebec Mari-Cawanabie, weed, ganja, spliff, herb, magic tobaco bud,shea,shit 10$ illegal
Victoria sweedish cheeba, mary jane, pot, grass, shit kronic, hash, bong, bubble - illegal
Winnipeg ganja, buds, chronic hash 5 € illegal
Chile Santiago caños, marimba, pitos, verdes cogollo, caño, wiro 5$ illegal
Decima Pasto Porro 1,50 $ illegal
Region Metropolitana chilombiano, cuetes, yerba, huiros matacola, cola, hacho 1,80€ (1250 pesos chilenos) illegal
Region Metropolitana Yerba Caño 2€ (Ch$1.500) illegal, 'it's a arcaic law...buying or selling the seeds are penalize. The possession it's a little contradictorius. If you have leaves, the police doesn't make any trouble, but if you possess "caño" (piece), the penalty is social works for the community. The only and unique trouble is the auto-grown fields. We´re in campaign to legalize the self-culture.'
Colombia - hierba ,canavis, mota varillo, chicharra, pata 0,10$ illegal
Antioquia moño, yesca, chusca, cripa, ganja, kaya, regular bareto, lillo, leño, armado 500 pesos (20 cents) illegal
Bogota Hydro: Cripi, Cripa. Normal Outdor Sativa: ganja, bareta, weed, hierba - - illegal
Medellin ganja - 500 pesos (20 cents) illegal
Valle del Cauca chauma, hierba, bareta poro, bareto 0,10$ illegal
Costa Rica Alajuela Mecha, mota, grifa, ganja cajeta - illegal 'In the beaches it's "almost" legal'
Heredia Mota Cajeta 2.50$ illegal
Heredia zoncha puro 0,50$ illegal, 'it's nice to somke in Costa Rica'
Heredia de la buena, weed, hierba - - illegal, 'it is illegal altho in some contexts (such as in the beach, or around a soccer stadium before an important match) it is highly tolerated... If caught with small amounts, only confiscation occurs.. '
San Jose Mecha, Monte, Mota, Jessca, Maria, La Verde, Creepy, Cajeta, Weed, Ganja, G - 13 $ illegal
Cyprus Nicosia horto, praman, prasino mavro, chocolatou - illegal
- kalampoki, glykimma, ftani, samma - 35 $ illegal
Czech republic North Bohemia hulení, tráva, čudka, zelený hašiš, šit, hnědý 8€ (250 Kč) illegal
Denmark Copenhagen Fed, hash, tjald - - illegal
Christiania Græs, hø, fnise-urt, hamp Fed, tjald, ryger, nal, klump 12 € (50 kr.) illegal
South Sealand græs fed 1,5€ (10 kr.) illegal
Ecuador - Gansha - 10 $ illegal
Estonia - Ganja, Kanep Tükk 3€ illegal
- savu, pot, weed, kivi Tükk, hash 16 $ (250eek) illegal
- savu, pops, kõss, õis tükk, hash, kivi 17$ illegal
Finland - Pilvi, blosse, spliffi, mari, biitti hasa 2 € illegal
West ruoho, heinä, mari pala, hasa, pl - illegal
West Coast Heinää Lätkää 17€ illegal
East Vihree, kukka, budi lätkä, laatta, paska 10 € illegal
France Lyon du vert chpour, Tcherno (worst quality) illegal
Marseille beuh, beuher, weed chon, teusch, shit, teushi, chocos, milka, para, hash 3 € illegal
Paris beuh, herbe bedo, shit 5 € illegal
Toulouse beuh, weed, beuher, ganja shit, bédo, matos,taga 4 € illegal
- beuh shit 5 € illegal 
Germany Baden-Württenberg Grass Eck 4€ illegal
Baden-Württenberg Weed Shit 8€ illegal
Baden-Württenberg Gras,Weed, Weedn, Zeuch, Weedeo, Grünes Piece, Shit, Schnies, Braunes, Brocken, Dope 6€ illegal
Baden-Württenberg Weed, Grass Dope, Kanten 8 € illegal
Bayern Grass Schitt, Kanten 6,50 € illegal
Bayern Weed, Skunk Hash, Dope, Shit, Piece 6 € illegal
Bayern Weed Bruzler 8 € illegal
Bayern Zeug Piece 5€ illegal
Bayern buffe, zeuch, weed kanten, polle, braunes 10€ illegal
Bayern Weed Hash 5€ illegal
Bayern Grass Piece 7€ illegal
Bayern Mary Gutzerla, grüner, polen - illegal
Bayern Grass Piece 8€ illegal
Bayern Grow, Stuff Dope 6,50€ illegal
Bayern Weedly Kanten 9 € illegal
Berlin Weed, Grünet, Rasen Shit, Braunet, Stein, Hash 5,50 € illegal
Berlin Zeugs, Ganja shit, Piece 5€ illegal
Berlin Gras, Weed, Marihuana Piece, Hash, Dope - illegal
Hamburg Grass, Teppich, Ganja Piece, Dope, Pladde 6,50 € illegal
Hamburg Grasen, weed, Flodder, rasen Bobel, Platte, schokolade 8€ illegal, 'if youre caught and have less than 12 grams with you, nothing will happen (only your dope will be taken away)'
Hannover Gras, Weed, Dope, Smok, Ot, Ganja Piece, Peam, Kante
7€ illegal
Hessen grüener, polle, weed piece,zacken,ecke,brownie 4€ illegal
Mecklenburg -Vorpommern Rasen Piecen 5 € illegal
Mittelfranken Mary Gutzerle, Standard 7 € illegal
Niedersachsen Weed, Shit, Grass Bobbel, Ecke, Kante, Hasch - illegal
Niedersachsen Weed, Ganja Piece, Shit 4,50€ illegal
Niedersachsen weed,dope,grass bobbel 7€ illegal
Niedersachsen Zeugs Brocken 5€ illegal
Niedersachsen weed, buds, gras shit, piece 5€ illegal
Niedersachsen weed, gras, ganja, gabba, grünes piece, shit, bobel 7€ illegal
Niedersachsen Kings Bread Peace 5€ illegal
NRW, Erkelenz Weed, Grünes, Polle, Dröhntannenfrucht
Hasje, Hasch, Shit, Peace, Knicke
4€ Illegal
NRW Grass Piece 4 € illegal, possession up to 10g not under penalty, selling can be punished with up to several years of prison, driving under the influence can be punished with the complete loss of the driving licence + money fee
NRW Zeuch Piesie - illegal
NRW Weed Ecke - illegal
NRW Gras Piece 5€ illegal
NRW Grass Dope 5€ illegal
NRW Od Braunes 7,50 € illegal
NRW Knaster, Gebarze Kleister, Piece 5 € illegal
NRW Grass Grünes Grünzeug Knicken Braunes 8€ illegal
NRW Weed, Grass, Ganja Shit, Kante, Ecke, Pot, braunes 3 € illegal
NRW Grass, Weed, Grünes Piece, Hash, Braunes 8€ illegal
NRW, Dortmund Gras, weed, Grünes, wat zu rauchen shit, peace, braunes, bongpuder 6€ illegal
NRW Mary Pace 5€ illegal
Rheinland- Pfalz weed, gras, grünes, buds shit, peace, eck, ecken, hasch 6 € illegal
Rheinland- Pfalz Weed, Gras Dope, Shit 8 € illegal
Rheinland- Pfalz Weed, Gras, Ganja Shit, Piece 7€ illegal
Sachsen Grass, Grünes, Weed Shit, Dope, Braunes 5 € illegal
Sachsen Gras Shit 7€ illegal
Sachsen Grünes, Ganja Shit, Braunes, Piece 7,50€ illegal
Sachsen Gras Schit 5€ illegal
Sachsen Weed Shit 3,50€ illegal
Sachsen Grünes, Wiese, Die grüne Brille Braunes, Peace, Shit, Hasch 2€ illegal, but you can take 0,7 gram with you
Sachsen-Anhalt Weed, Grass, Grünes, Knallgras Dope, Shit, Braunes 5€ illegal, 'Buying, selling, growing is illegal but smoking isn`t illegal...but the police say when you smoke it you had bought it that`s the problem..'
Schleswig-Holstein Grass, weed, Ott, Pott, Hanf, marihuana, schmook Bobel, Bobbel, Peace, Shit, Hasch 5€ illegal
Schleswig-Holstein Weed, Gras, Grass, Zeuch(Zeug), Grünes Piece, Dope, Bobel, Shit, Zeuch(Zeug) 10 € illegal
Schleswig-Holstein (Lübeck) Weed, K2, Gras Boble, Kanten 3,50€ illegal
Schleswig-Holstein (Lübeck) Grünzeug, Skunk Grüner, Zero, Polle, Schwarzer, Charras 8 € illegal
Schwabenländle Weed, Grow, Blumen, Gras, Hash, Homegrow, Marijuana Kanten, Brownie, Schokolade, Broken, Mobl 8€ illegal
Thüringen Grass, Rasen Braunes, shit, Hasch 7,50 € illegal
Thüringen Weed, Grünes, Marihuana, Pflanze Kanten, Shit, braunes, Dope, Hash, Masse, Stück - illegal
Wuppertal Gras, Dope Hasch 4 € illegal
Great Britain Birmingaham Boodah - 8 $ (5£) illegal
Blackburn Lancs funky shit 8 $ (5£) illegal
Blackpool Green, Skunk, Grass Resin - illegal
Derby green dirt 8 $ (5£) illegal
Dorset weed, skunk, dope, shwag, green,bud ,the shit Black, Brown, SoapBar, Plastic, Dirt, Solid 12€ (7£) illegal, 'o.k to carry a couple of grams, no more.'
Essex Skunk Dope, Draw, Puff, Solid - illegal
Essex dope, weed, marijuana, green, bud, grass, cannabis - - illegal
Glasgow weed - 12€ (7£) illegal, 'police turn a blind eye for personal, 1 year -2 year for growing, selling small amounts £200 fine'
Glouchestershire Green rock, dirtbar 8 $ (5£) illegal
Kent Skunk Green Blaze Monkey Puff Bracken Blaze Dirt Brack hash 8 € (5.5£) illegal
Hampshire Skunky Funky, Da Weed Solids, Shit 3,70€ (2,50 £) illegal
Hertfordshire Skunk, Weed, Ganj, Draw, Green Puff, Solid, Hash 8 € (5.5£) 'If caught smoking in the street, you will usually be asked to put out your zoot, then be on your way (sometimes after a quick search). Skunk is often very easy to find, with people in the streets offering it on occasion. Caught under the influence you will get a £500 fine and may have to make a court appearance.'
Hertfordshire Skunk Pot 4 € (3 £) illegal
Kent weed, skunk, bud, greenery hash, hasheesh, shit 8 $ (5£) illegal
Knutsford skunk, bud, puka solid, ruffnick 10$ illegal 'not ver strict depends on the age of the person holding it'
Lancashire Green Rocky 8 $ (5£) illegal
Liverpool Skunk, Weed Rocky, Pot - illegal
Liverpool Skunk, Green, Ganj, Bud Rocky, Shit, Rockafella 8 $ (5£) illegal
London Skunk, Hydro Potz, Hash 10 € illegal
London weed, skunk, herb, grass, gear, bud, leaf, tea solid, shit, gear - illegal
London Draw, Skunk, Dope, Green, Spliffage Spliff, Joint, Zoot, Blunt, Puriee 8 $ (5£) illegal
London Grade Soap Bar 8 $ (5£) illegal
London skunk,draw, gear,puff - 10 € (7£) illegal
Oxford Bud, Weed, Skunk, Green, Punk, Shit, smoke, Erb, Puff Bong, pipe, BlackSalmon, Super Shooter, The Bubbler 9 € (5,50 £) illegal
Oxford weed, greenpaint, skunk hash 9 € (5,50 £) 'law situation stinks class c controlled substance coution if cought with small amount dealers upto 3years imprisonment'
Preteigne Wadge hash,ganj,solid 14€ (10£) illegal
Shropshire Skully, skunk, grass pot, draw, resin 4 € (3 £) illegal
Scotland Weed Hash - illegal
South East BudWaa Dirty Gak 10€ (7£) illegal
South Wales Skunk, grass Hash,draw,puff, smoke - illegal
Stoke skunk, green resin, bag 8 $ (5£) illegal
Studley Skunk Hash 3,70€ (2,50 £) illegal
Suffolk weed hash, soapbar 7 € (4,50 £) illegal
Sussex weed, green, punk, skunk, mary bar, solid, soap, bob hope 14€ (10£) illegal
Teesside Skunk Resin, Soap 8 $ (5£) illegal, 'Police don't seem to care about you smoking it in public, but apparently dealers get 14 years. There appears to be something of a dealer crackdown in my area, so it's quite serious.'
Telford Green Draw 2,30€ (1,50 £) illegal
Wakefield skunk, weed rezin, dope, pot 6€ illegal
Wales skunk, weed pot, dope 2,30€ (1,50 £) illegal
Watford Skunk, Herb, Bud Jibba, Joint 10€ (7£) illegal
Westsussex weed, ganja, herbz puff, hash, solid, shit 14€ (10£) illegal
Westyorkshire Funky, Smelly Resine 8 $ (5£) illegal
Yorkshire green, spamk dudets -
Yorkshire Skunky spoon 8 $ (5£) illegal 'there are more extreme and arrest you or fine you and confiscate anything to do with weed e.g skins,pipes etc.'
Greece Athens founda mavro, hasis, socolata, spaxani 5 $ illegal
Athens horto mavro - illegal
Nestani Mastoora, Scata Bourouni 3 $ illegal
Thessaloniki bafo, xorto, mauro, ap auto sokolata - illegal
Thessaloniki founta sokolata (=chocolate), hashish,mavro(=black) 3,50 € illegal
- horto - - illegal
- founda - 2 € illegal
Guatemala Guatemala City Mota Churro, Porro, Bong 2.20$ (Q20) illegal
Hungary - fű, mokk, zöld haska 8€ (2000 Huf) illegal
Budapest fű, zöld, cucc, cumó, bizbaz csoki, haska 10€ (2500 Huf) illegal
Békés Yoli,Muszu,Frici - 8€ (2000 Huf) illegal
India Delhi Ganja Charas 2,50$ illegal
Ireland Dublin weed, green, grass hash, blow, smoke, doob 10 € illegal
Iran Rasht Alaf, Bang Jaghal, Hash - illegal
Israel - grass, esev, deshe, nana chocolate, hum,buf 1,50 $ illegal
- Green - 1€ (5 shekel) illegal
pardes hana-karkur shahhta, isbia, yaroket, asavim, ganga hetzi,shalem - illegal
Rishon Lezion greed, weed, grass, ganja brown, hashish, buff, keif 1,50 $ illegal
Rishon Le-Zion (East R.L.Z) Nylon, Nana, Yerek, Ganja Hash,Brown,Buff 1,50 $ illegal
Kganim Rishon Sholtim Grass, Yarok (Green), Ksesa, Hasa Boof, Hum (Brown), Hashish, Chocolate 1,50 $ illegal
kiriat mozkin yerek yarok sakit shipud perah buf, keif, etzba, shokolad, htiha 0,80 € illegal
Modiin Ganja, Yarok, Haftaa, yaroket hashish, hush-hash, buf, hum - illegal
netanya perach, stick, esev, ganja buff, dice, chum,hash - illegal
Italy Abruzzo Ganja, Erba, La Verde, Signorina Lu Jamb,La Jamba,lu Fim 11 € illegal
Lazio Erba, Erbone Fumo, ciocco, crema, marocco,nero 10 € illegal
Lazio (Rome) Erba fumo 10€ illegal
Lazio (Rome) Erba, Maria Fumo, Ciocco, Marocco, Nero, Aspero 9€ illegal
- Erba, Mary, Maria, Ganja, Ganzume, la verde paglia del valallah Hash, Hasho, Gremo, fumo, ciocco, bummo, uozza, boccia, crastume, pastazza 12 € illegal
Pordenone Erba, weed hashish 9 € illegal
Rome Maria hash, shit 15 € illegal
Sicilia erba fumo 3 € illegal
South Tirol Gros, Zuig, Weed, Grazi Shit, Petz, Hasch, Plotte 8€ illegal
Veneto jeja, maria breco, fun 10€ illegal
Japan Okinawa Reefer, ganja, Whooday, sky Bud Sticky Icky, hash 300$ illegal
Tokyo taima hashishi 26,50€ (3500Yen) illegal
Kroatia Dalmatia Mara, dimika, biljka, dim, trava, lišće šit, hašiš, haš - illegal
Hrvatska Vutra, slama, trava, pirika komadici 1,50€ illegal
Hrvatska Kudilja, Žiža, Travica, Kudiljica Šitara, Kenjara - illegal
Koprivnicko - krizevacka
Zelenjava Kif 10€ illegal, '3 years of jail if you have a plant at home'
Moslavina kupus, zeleno, žiža, gras, drač Piz,mić 1,50 € illegal
Rijeka Trava, Vutra - - illegal
Rijeka Trava, vutra, gras, Ćiba, marcia tke, kepta, buks 6€ (50kn) illegal
Rijeka, Sv. križ Vutra, trava, gica, pljuga, gica-prasica, skank, žiža Šit, hašiš, haš, kakica
6€ (50kn) illegal
Siget Trava, Gica, Mara Strelica 1,50$ illegal
Sisag trava, ganđa, žiža, vulja šit, haš, čokolada 1 € illegal
Varazdin Gras, Ganja, Trava Hash, Stuff 5€ illegal
Zagreb gens, žiža, trava, vutra, smijalica hash, shit 1 € illegal
Zagreb Genz, Truba Panj '6€ (50kn) illegal
- žmrlja anjpa - illegal
- Trava - - illegal
Lativa - Zall - - illegal, 'They don't know much about it. Cannibus grows wild everywhere'
Liepaja kaasis, gandzjiite, mazinjaa bruunais, cietais 15 € (10 lats) illegal
Riga staff, kumars, zaļumi, koncha' hash 18 $ illegal
Macedonia Bitola Mastaf, Treva - 1,20 € illegal
Kavadarci Mekem, Grass, Mokac, Trafka Dzokac, Dzoint, Truba 1€ illegal
Kavadarci Trava, mekem, moka Hashish 0,50€ illegal, 'The marihuana is illegal and jou can go to jail'
Skopje gane, gandza, treva, grass hash 1,30 € illegal
Skopje Filjan, Sljac, Stojle, Ane, Kuzevski, Gandza, Berbat, Gane - 10€ illegal, 'maybe in this future years will be legal in Macedonia'
Malaysia Malacca Weed, Ganja, Yau, Marie-J, G-Stuff, Shit,Daun, Dadah, Benda, Hijau - 3$ illegal, 'If you're found possesing or trafficking any kind of drug,immaterial organic or chemical. It will cost your life.'
Subang Jaya Ganja, Bal, Dam, Sawi - 2€ (RM8) illegal 'if you are caught with more than 450gram, death penalty ya'll!'
Malta haxixa blokka, bicca smoke 10 $ illegal
Marokko Chefchaouen Kif Kammia Zutla (oily), Chocolate or Caramello (Solid Hard), Polm (powdery) 0,75 €

(8 Dirhams)

Mexico Mexico City Mota, Mois Hash, Cafe 0,50 $ (5 pesos) illegal
Mexico City Mora toque - illegal
North Mexico Mota churro 5$ illegal
Oaxaca Ganja, kaya, mota, mois, yerba, uranio, yesca, yerbabuena, petate, juanita hash 0,10 $ (1 pesos) illegal
Montenegro Budva vuna, njunja, ganja ket 1,50€ illegal
Cetinje trava, vutra, zelenis dzok, dzokavac 2,50€ illegal
Netherlands - Wiet Hasch - LEGAL, buying legal up to 5g, possession and smoking legal at coffeeshops or at home, those laws are not 100% valid for foreigners!!!
Almere Wiet, Weed, grass, het groene medicijn, Shit, Stuff Hasj, assie, Hasjies 5 € LEGAL
Almere jonkoe, pitje, jay - LEGAL, 'yeah!'
Haarlem wiet hasj 6€ LEGAL
Limburg Wiet, Jonko, Pit, Weed, Grass Hasj, Stuff - LEGAL
Overijssel Ganja, Jonko, Stuff, Baab Hash, Hashiz, Blokje Bruin 5€ LEGAL, 'It's great!'
Utreg wiet vrede - LEGAL
Zeeland Gras, Wiet Stuf 5 € LEGAL
Zuid-Holland Jonko Assie 7,50€ LEGAL
New Zealand Dunedin dope, buds, grass, gunja, sweet mary jane, weed, pot tinny, fiddy bag, hundy bag, ounce, pound, dinga 25$ illegal, 'i think its community service if you get caught tho and fines and stuff, if ur a dealer its jail'
Feilding herb, weed, smoke, coffie hash 10$ illegal
Ngaruawahia bud, weed, mint flakes, smoke, herb, chronic, ganja joint, bong, pipe 0,50 $ illegal
Palmerston North herb foils 20$ illegal
Palmerston North herb tinne 20$ illegal
Norway Asker pot, shit, buds, reefe plastic, headrush - illegal
Bergen Skunk, Gress, Pot, Marit G, Gal, Arvid, Bønner, Fjoner 12€ (100nok) illegal
Bergen grønt brikka 10$ illegal
Holmestrand pot, grass, grønt, weed bomber, gall, tjall, klumper, brunt 12€ (100nok) illegal
Karmøy pot, grønt, mari, mose brunt, piece, g, hasj, bønne, gall 17,50€ (150nok) illegal
Kongsberg Grønt, mix, skunk, weed Jonas, jonny, kiif, tjall, brunt 12€ (100nok) illegal
Oslo weed, grønt, maya, pod lorr, ganer, shit, bønner 11€ (80nok) illegal
Stavanger grønt, toppskudd, gress piece, brunt, gall 12€ (100nok) illegal
Stavanger grønt, weed, urter, mari, tjall peace, brunt, rev, sjokolade, gall 12€ (100nok) illegal
Trondheim pot, buds, grønt shit, rev (raev), banan (banana) 12,50 € illegal
Trondheim weed fred 12€ (100nok) illegal
Philippines Central Luzon Damo, Tsongkee, maryjane, mj, joint pipa 0,30€ (20PHP) illegal
Angeles City Pow-Pow - - illegal
NCR Weeds Black 50 pesos per teabag illegal, 'you will go to jail'
Poland - ziolo, jaranie, skun, temat, sort, cos na jaskre hasz, plastelina, guma 7,50€ (30sloty) illegal
- Ziółko Dziura 9€ illegal
bialystok szuwax, sprzet, sztynx, sztynior, matex, szuszu, towarek, palenie bibka,fifa,bongo 7,5€ (30zloty) illegal
Ciechanow -Masowsze Baka, Sos, Sprzet, Siuwar, Łup
Szit, Plastus, Hasz-Cze 10 € illegal
Karpat Marysia worek 7,50€ (30 zloty) illegal
Katowice / Piekary Slaskie
ziolo, baks, ganja, mary jane hasz, kostyra
7,50€ (30 zloty) illegal
Kamień Pom Jazz Zacier Pykiel Hajs Haszyk, pasztet, dykta, kocha 6,50€ (25 zloty) illegal
Lodz Schit Hash 10 € illegal
Lodz jaranie, baka, staf hasz, kostka, shit 7,50€ (30 zloty) illegal
Lubuskie Miood , Bonieq Zgrzanie 5$ illegal
Szczecin Bzita, Doking, Krzak, Gówno Hachment, Gówno 5 € (20 zlotych) illegal
Silesia/Slask Material, materialix, papuga, zielone, grasiwo, zwierz kocha, kostka, kosa 5€ illegal
Warszwa Trawa, Zielsko, Ziolo hasz, kostka 10 € illegal
Portugal - charro, cacilh, joint - 2,50€ illegal
Açores Erva, cabeços , ganza xámon, haxixe, pedra 5€ illegal, 'You can take up to 5grams of piece or 2,5grams of grass, more than that you can go to jail'
Lisboa erva, bula haxixe, xamon, hax, shito 2,50 $ illegal
Lisboa (2) burlite,canhão bula 5 € illegal
Porto Erva, Ganza - 5€ illegal
Romania Arad iarba, ganja - 7€ illegal
Bihor Iarba Joint 30$ illegal
Bucharest iarba, verde, verdeatza, marihuana hasis 7 € illegal
Iasi iarba, foc tipla 15$ illegal
Neamt Fenta, Iarba, Verde, Marishca, Gicon Ciocolata, Crema, Plastilina, Cacat, Trotil 12$ illegal 'about 65-70euro  penalties for possession, 3-15 years in prison for dealing'
Timisoara iarba, ganja - 5 € illegal
Timisoara iarba, dead,verde cioco, ciocolata, hash, plastelina 14 € illegal
Russia - трава (Trava) - - illegal
Moscow zelen plan, dubas 7,50 $ illegal
Moskow plan, dubas gash (гаш), твёрдый пластик
10$ (500rub) illegal
Moscow plan, trava, dur, zelenka, shmal, dubas gahsek, tvardovskyi 15 $ illegal
Sarov ganjubas, ganja, trava, dur, seno hash, gash, gashish - illegal
Serbija Belgrade trava, gandza, vutra dzoint, dzoks 0,50 € illegal
Belgrade Granje, Trava, Dzidza, Njegra, Varivo Buksna, Sprava 0,50€ illegal
Bor granje, zelenilo, dzidzanje buksna, sprava, palica 1 € illegal
Krusevac vutra, gudra, gandža, bunda hašiš, šit 1 € illegal
Mladenovac vutra, marihuana, dzidza, dzikana, dzeja, vuja dzok 0,75€ illegal, 'we work on decriminalization - '
Subotica Dzundzi Shisharka 3.50 € illegal
Uzice/Zlatibor vuja, gandza, zeleno, trava, vutra shit, ono brate 3€ illegal
Vladicin Han dzica, vuja dzokavac 5 € illegal
Vojvodina Vutra Blajv 1€ illegal
Vojvodina Vutra, Orlandija, Zeleno Ket 7,50€ illegal
Vojvodina grass, trava/vutra, dzidza, salata ket 1€ illegal
Slovakia - jack herer shit 2,60€ (100skk) illegal
Bratislava Ganja, Trava, Marianka Hasis, hovienko 10$ illegal
Kolárovo Gúta Téma, Motyó, Maki, valami, weed csoki, hasis 7$ illegal
Slovenia Ljubljana trava, ganja shit, hašiš, hash 5 € illegal
Ljubljana wutra hash 5 € illegal
Ljubljana ganja, trava basa 2,30€ illegal
Ljubljana Stuff - 10 € illegal
Maribor bule, bati, heft kocka - illegal
- Ganja - - illegal
South Afrika Durban weed, dagga, zol, greens hash 0,65€ (5 rand) illegal
Spain - - Hashish, Chocolate 3 € illegal
Almeria Mata, Hierba buena, Maria Cogollos 4€ illegal, 'It's tolerated to smoke at home etc., but smoking in public places is forbidden and will cost a fine of 300 Euro.'
Barcelona Herba(Catalan) Hierba or Maria(Spanish) Costo, Choco, Hachis 4 € illegal
Lanzarote hierba, maria hash , chocolate , huevos 7€ illegal
Malaga (fuengirola) hierba, maria, marihuana chicha, gia, veneno, caramelo, costo, chocolate, bellota, placa, polensito der bueno 3 € illegal
Murcia Hierba Costo 2 € illegal
Terrassa matuja, matujuela, mariguanola fula, ful, fulaaano 4,50€ illegal
Terrassa matujuana tate 3,50€ illegal
Suaheli - benni ehlle - illegal
Suriname Paramaribo Wiri, marihuana, jonko assisi, assi 0,50€ illegal
Sweden Skane Gräs Bit 8,50€ illegal
Stockholm Gräs Bruning, Heffa, Bit - illegal
Stockholm (2) grönt knetch 8,50€ illegal
Western Sw. gurka tomte 5€ illegal 'much drugpolice'
Switzerland Basel Gras, weed, s'chlaebige gruene - 6,50€ (10chf) ALMOST LEGAL
Basel gras, weed, splif hasch, mogge, schoggi 6,50€ (10chf) ALMOST LEGAL
Lake of Constance Weed, Ganja, G., Gräsli, Grüens, Skunk, Knister, Feins, Magic Dragon, Blunzä Hasch, Peez, Shit, Blubber, Bolä, Bruuns, Höbbel, Hobel 7€ ALMOST LEGAL, 'dealin is still illegal. growin, possessin & buyin "small" quantities (for your own needs) is also illegal, but tolerated. u can roll a spliff in the streets or the clubs & nowone would make any problems.'
Nidwalden gresi, weed, gras bolä, hasch, piis 6,50€ (10chf) ALMOST LEGAL
Zürich Green Tea, Grass Shit, Schoggi - ALMOST LEGAL
Zürich Weed Hash 8,50 (12chf) ALMOST LEGAL
Zürich / Winterthur schugga knätt 7€ (10chf) ALMOST LEGAL
Taiwan - Da-Ma - 30 $ illegal Fairly Strict. Up to death penalty
Thailand - Gancha, Poon - 2 € (100 Baht) illegal
Bangkok Gancha, sa solid - illegal
Turkey Istanbul Derman, Ot, Plaka, Muhur, Sarikiz, Anten, Sarma,Paspal, Giya, Gogo, Gonca, Kuru cigaralik 3$ illegal
Istanbul ot, to, yesillik gubar, kubar, caara, cigara, baskı 2 $ illegal
Istanbul nevale helva 1,50€ illegal
Izmir Ot, Meşe, Fişek Sigaralık, Paket 4,50€ (8Ytl) illegal, 'they really know nothing about my country %49 percent of people smokes, but it's still illegal...'
U.S.A. Alabama Weed, Smoke, Bud, Herb Joint,Bowl,Bong,Blunt 20$ illegal
Arizona Pot, grass, herb, bud, mary jane - - illegal
Arizona Shit, Ganja, Herb, KB - 20$ illegal
Arizona Chonic - 15$ illegal
Billings Lettuce, Turtle, Trees Swisher Sweet 4 $ illegal
California Bud, Skunk, Super, Club Bud, Hyrdo Volcano, Pipe, Piece, Bong, Bubbler 20$ illegal
California bombay, dosia hash, keef(trichomes) 18 $ illegal
California green quarter 14 $ illegal
California Nugs bong 15 $ illegal
California fruit pizzo 15 $ illegal
California chronic, weed, pot, dope, trees, the green - 20 $ illegal
Colorado weed, kb (kind bud) pipe, bubbler, sherlock 12 $ illegal
Florida reefer hash 15$ illegal
Florida Podie, Dank, Dro, Cronic, RedEye - 3$ illegal
Florida weed, bud, trees pipe, piece, glassy 3$ illegal
Houston dank, dro, bud, kill, killah, weed, mota, indo, fire, ganja, green bong, piece, pipe, j, doobie, banger, bat, one hitter, steam roller, blunt 10$ illegal
Illinois sweedish cheeba, herb ganja, dro hash, bubble, resin pop - illegal
Illinois dank, kill, fire, herb, dro, chronic, smoke bowl, bubbler, bong, hitter 5$ illegal
Illinois herb chillim 5$ illegal
Illinois dank, killer, green hash 20$ illegal
Iowa Bud, nug, green, blueberries, kb, dodie bowl, join, bubbler, bong, steamroller, pipe 9 $ illegal
Kansas green, ganja, fire, blaze, nug, shit, hydro, indo, shwag, reafer blunt, pipe, bong, joint, foil pipe, pop can 5$ illegal
Iowa Weed, green, grass, Schwag, shit, cannibus, green magic joint, bong, pipe 5$ illegal
Lancaster beanz, weed, pot, weed, tree bowl, bong 10 $ illegal
Long Island grass, green, herb, bud, smoke, tree, weed, pot - 10 $ illegal
Maine pot, bud, grass, dope, mary-jane bong, bowl, joint - illegal
Maine Weed, Reefer, Ganja, Smoke-adope Piece, Bong, Bowl, Pipe, Blunt, Joint 5$ illegal
Maryland Stuff, bob, weed bowl, pipe 10$ illegal
Massachusetts Weed, herb, ganja, grass joint,bong,bowl 10 $ illegal
Massachusetts trees, kb, hydro, sticky icky, bud blunt, bong. doobie,joint, bowl, spoon, gravity bong 20$ illegal
Massachusetts trees, los arboles, bueno verde, weed, pot, bud, m.j., leaf bowl, glass, bong, j, spliff, bone, blizz, blunt, pipe, dutch, spoon 15$ illegal
Michigan dope, weed, smoke, green, bud, dank, poo,drizzle,chief - illegal
Michigan (2) Dough, weed, pot, dope sack,bud, smoke pipe, bowl, piece 7$ illegal
Minnesota trees, puff, green greens, sticky icky pipe, bowl, bong, blunt, phatty, joint, spoon 5$ illegal
Mississippi tha good piece 10$ illegal
Missouri Herb, Pot, Weed, Green, Trees, Smoke, Bag pipe, bowl 5$ illegal
Missouri K.B.(kind bud) blunts 5$ illegal
Nebraska Ganj, Weed - 14$ illegal
Nevada, Las Vegas herb pipe 20$ illegal
New England cannabis bowl, pipe 15$ illegal
New England Trees Bowl 15$ illegal, 'Medicinal Marihuana is legal in some states. Penalties vary from state to state.'
New Jersey Danks, herbs, buds Headie 20$ illegal
New Jersey Pot, weed, Shwag, Nuggs, bud, Middis, trees, reefer bowl, bongs, joint, blunt, papers 17,50 $ illegal
New Jersey Bud Bong 10 $ illegal
New Orleans, LA weed, ganja, spliff, blunt, herb, grass, dro, bud hash, piece, block 3,50 $ illegal
New York reafer , bud , green carpet, grass, pot joints , bowl , bong , piece
5 $ illegal
New York weed, pot, trees, green, smoke piece, bowl 20$ illegal, 'in new york, if its your first offense and you're holding less than 25 grams you get no more than a slap on the wrist'
New York weed piece 10$ illegal
North Carolina Trees, Herb, Cheeva, Green Bong 3,50 $ illegal
North Carolina dank, schwag, cheeba, ganja, smoke, herbal pipe, bowl, joint 5 $ illegal
North Carolina Bud, Green, Herb, Ganja, Smoke, Pot Bowl, Bong, Bubbler, Hookah Joint, Blunt 5 $ illegal
North Carolina Stuff bowl 3 $ illegal
North Dakota doobage, greenery, smoke, kb bong, glass, Doug (dug-out) 7 $ illegal
Ohio Reefer,kip,doja, spliff,"cigarette" Blunt,(L)" piece, pipe, bowl, bong, hooka 10$ illegal
Ohio Mary Jane, Chronic, Smoke Junt - illegal
Ohio lefty, greens, herb down town brown 8$ illegal
Oklahoma cannabis, smoke, bomb, fire, green, grass, sticky icky 3 $ illegal, every now and then though out my time I have seen the government get close to legalizing, then back away again and again, but each time they seem to get closer to legalizing it. I say 10 years at most.
Oklahoma Pot - 3,60 $ illegal
Oregon Popcorn, weed, grass, herb, bud, reefer Piece 12 $ illegal
Oregon Chronic, Farm Fresh Dirt Weed 10$ illegal
Pennsylvania shwag, midis, nuggets - - illegal
Pennsylvania (2) dank, bud, herb, hydro, grass, weed, trees, chronic, nuggets, pot, ganja, reefer, mary j bowl,spoon,pipe 15 $ illegal
Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Pot, grass, mary jane, dope, weed, lid, cut, smoke, bud hash, hashish 5 $ illegal
Pennsylvania Trees, pot, weed, mary j, herb bowl, piece 10 $ illegal
San Diego Bud, Herb, Mech, Chronic, Weed, Dope, Stuff, Green Glass, Nugget 20 $ illegal
South Carolina schwag, tree chronik, kindbud - illegal
South Carolina weed, green hash 15 $ illegal
South Carolina reefer bubbler 12 € illegal
Tennessee pot, weed, greeny, dro, dope 7,50 $ illegal
Texas Rags, Mexi Weed, Smoke, Ganj J 2,50 $ illegal
Texas bud, sweedish cheeba bong, pipe 15 $ illegal
Texas Ganjar Bong - illegal
Texas Bud, weed, dro, herb pipe 8 $ illegal
Utah Mary J, Weed, Pot, leafs Hash, gold, bud $ 5.00 illegal 'Its all illegal, laws meant to be broken'
Virginia pot, dank, bluebarry, hemp, herb, bud, mid grade, doobie, joint, roach hash - illegal
Virginia weed, tree, shrub, bud, dank, mids, ganja hash, smash oil 10$ illegal
Virginia trees bowl 20$ illegal
Washington State weed, dope, skunk, bud, marijuana, nuggets, chronic, chrispy chron, dank nugs bong, piece, pipe, hookah, joints, blunts, bubbler, sherlock 10$ illegal
Western NY herb, green, dope, bud, choke smoke piece, chilly, bong 7,50 $ illegal
Wisconsin pot, marijuana, mary jane, herb, weed, smoke, grass, dank hash (not much around) 7,50 $ illegal
Wisconsin, Marinette county pot, weed, smoke, grass, stuff, dope, mary j
- 5 $ illegal
Wisconsin bud, bowl, buddha, dro, green, reefer, sticky, ganja hash 10 $ illegal
Venezuela - monte un piece 0,50 $ illegal
Caracas monte, ganja, verde pedazo 0,10 $ illegal
Valencia Marijuana bad herb 0,10 $ illegal
Valencia Monte, Ganjy, Tal Vara, Pito 0,50 $ illegal, You could go to jail if you are found smoking or carying it: Its completly illegal in all ways; but, cops are not honest at all in here, and you could even invite them to smoke with you to save your ass off

Everything is subjective and fluctuates !

This includes this list too !

1 Dollar = 0,75 €

Thanks to everyone that shared his experience with us.